RadioMan Enterprise Edition


Where demands are high, RadioMan Enterprise Edition is the solution

RadioMan Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive and robust solution for critical radio broadcasting and Media Asset Management (MAM) needs. With its versatile Media Asset Management, workflow management, cross-media support and multi-tier architecture, RadioMan Enterprise Edition dramatically improves all operations from scheduling and production to live assisted broadcasting and full automation of multiple output channels.


Music, news, talk, sports, national, international, satellite, public and commercial radio stations will benefit from RadioMan Enterprise Edition. All programming is consolidated into one single integrated Computer Aided Radio (CAR) system, RadioMan Enterprise Edition. Also other organisations that need to handle audio as media assets can utilise the system.


RadioMan Enterprise Edition is a truly scalable solution. The size of currently installed systems scale from 10 to 2000+ workstations in the same building and can cover any number of sites connected with each other.


True Media Asset Management (MAM)

The value of Media Assets owned by broadcasters depend on how well they are managed. To be the winner in the world of convergence, the utilisation of the assets must be maximised. This can be achieved only by comprehensive media asset management and extensive usage of metadata.


RadioMan Enterprise Edition has the most advanced Media Asset Management system for radio broadcasters on the market. It offers extensive copyright information, support for persons, organisations, roles and contracts involved for each item. It reports all the different types of programmes and structures of their internal building blocks.


Unlike any other system available, RadioMan Enterprise Edition supports special announcement memos and copyright structure information. Live assisted and automated playout from On-Air workstations, automatic retransmissions and support of user-defined bespoke data for metadata are also part of the MAM system.


Archiving is an integral part of RadioMan's Media Asset Management System. The easy-to-use archiving functionality supports both centralised and distributed architecture and utilises any standard storage media through hierarchical storage management.


Managed workflow improves the programme and process alike

RadioMan Enterprise Edition is an enterprise-level tool; unique in the way it supports the entire editorial process – from production concepts to transmission, distribution and archiving. The system handles long-term planning and scheduling for multiple sites, channels and locations. It supports data sharing and is integrated with the world's leading newsroom systems, like ENPS, iNews and Transtel.


RadioMan scheduling goes beyond the conventional planning process. Individual programmes can be planned and designed without a specific date and time, or alternatively they can be given exact broadcast times from the very beginning of the process. With RadioMan Enterprise Edition, programme contents can be formulated by using traditional playlist design or combining all programme material into one audio file with reportable internal structures.


More effective cross-media work

Extensive and extended support of new media channels in the same workflow is one of the main characteristics of RadioMan Enterprise Edition. Music, audio, programmes, scripts and combined cross-media items are all supported by the solution. It also handles multiple media formats for a single item simultaneously. The extended Media Publisher tool in turn provides support for parallel Web, DVB and wireless media interfaces that are synchronised into the main programme.


Functionality that covers all radio formats

Because it is truly scalable, programme makers can operate in the same work environment throughout the organisation. New key features boost the ease of work and quality of the programme output. These include more efficient music scheduling and voice tracking that enables voice-overs by DJs for automated playout. RadioMan Matrix Controller enables automatic audio routing according to planned schedules.


All in all, RadioMan Enterprise Edition is not just a radio automation solution. Its unique scalability and endless flexibility make every broadcast a better experience for all parties involved. The leading solution to create, manage and broadcast digital content is now better than ever.


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