Quick Edit Pro


Jutel Quick Edit Pro is a high-performance digital multitrack audio editor designed for radio production where speed and ease of use are the main priorities. QEP is a unique tool for the journalist and professional broadcaster to produce better radio more easily and efficiently. This compact solution allows users to concentrate on the essentials, and create great radio directly from the desktop, laptop, or wherever their jobs take them.


High-quality results

Quick Edit Pro has been made-to-measure for radio journalists, newscasters and other radio professionals who are under constant pressure to originate good stories to meet ever-tighter deadlines. It allows delivering quickly without compromising quality. The intuitive and journalist-orientated user interface offers a maximum of efficiency. Customisable shortcuts and additional controllers - like the special keyboard and shuttle wheel - improve the usability. With QEP, users can master the whole editing process at a glance. All the tools needed to produce high-quality radio are available on screen, without complicated menus or multiple windows. Users learn quickly and achieve instant first-class results. For more sophisticated audio production, this tool can utilise DirectX plug-ins for effects and special processing.


With Quick Edit Pro, projects can be carried out professionally and shared within teams or across a radio station without studios full of expensive hardware.


No need for long training periods. With QEP you get high-quality results instantly.


Fully integrated

Jutel Quick Edit Pro is fully integrated into the world's leading newsroom systems, like ENPS, iNews and Transtel. Its drag-and-drop feature, built-in support for numerous audio formats, automatic conversions and commercial import in different formats makes it truly versatile. Because QEP is highly integrated into the RadioMan radio automation solution, you can access the audio editor instantly from any other RadioMan software module. When using QEP on a mobile computer outside the station, you can easily upload your files from any location through the Internet, including all information about the audio.


In the fast-paced news environment, QEP is capable of non-destructive edits of incoming feeds even as they are being recorded. Why struggle with updating the system? As QEP is part of the RadioMan solution, it will always work with latest RadioMan versions.


The best workflow

In order to achieve your main goal – to optimise the workflow of radio and content production, and to increase efficiency – it is necessary to optimise every part of the production chain. Jutel Quick Edit Pro saves time and money. Thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio, shorter training periods and efficient usage, you achieve a fast return on investment.


QEP is the No. 1 choice of many of the world's leading broadcasting companies. The growing number of satisfied users worldwide proves it.


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